Weird  - "Flooring out of the ordinary"
Coatings come in many forms,depending on how you intend to use them.Many people are familiar with the word ,epoxy but it is not always the best solution for a floor. And the epoxy you find at your local hardware or do it yourself store is not as rugged as you may think.These are some of the coatings we offer-
novolac epoxy floor coating-workshop in sarasota-Thin build epoxy and urethane
-High build epoxy and urethane
-Novolac epoxy
-Polyspartic coatings
-Quartz Systems
-Decorative reflective/metallic epoxy
-Waterproofing/penetrating clear sealers
-Silane/Siloxane sealers
Preparation is the key to a good coating job.Every coating has a required CSP(concrete surface profile) which means the floor has to be diamond ground or sanded to a required profile for the coating to adhere properly  or else you get.....failure down the road.Have the right company install your next coating project. Weird Science Concrete!