Weird  - "Flooring out of the ordinary"
Weird Science concrete has been operating since 2007 in Sarasota , FL. It's owner, Justin Williams is a local native born and raised in Sarasota. After graduating from Booker high school in 2003, he landed a job doing concrete resurfacing that began his obsession with the decorative concrete and flooring industry.

 After working for several local small businesses that dabbled in different forms of decorative concrete, he decided to try it on his own. In 2007 Weird Science Concrete was born.

Why the name, Weird Science Concrete ?

When Weird Science Concrete was formed, acid staining was a popular form of staining concrete. It involved sanding and cleaning the concrete before spraying the stain and once the stain was applied, you had to neutralize the acid to make the concrete ph neutral before you could apply the sealer. Everything about the process seemed foreign and strange.

To install a concrete floor, you had to know a lot of tricks and methods that were learned by practice and experimentation. Hence the name Weird Science Concrete seemed to be a good fit.

Silly Name, Serious Quality

Although our name confuses some, we don't mess around when it comes to our work. Our name is on it, but more importantly we want a happy customer that would call us again in the future or recommend us to a friend. One thing that sets us apart from all others is an attention to detail and a commitment to quality that most of our competitors can't match.

 The majority of our work is residential, which means we have maintained a level of quality work that people expect when they pay us to work on their homes. For example, walls and fixtures are ALWAYS covered with 3M plastic and tape  to protect them from dust and chemicals. This is common since we often work on homes or commercial spaces that are already finished and being occupied.

 Although the work we do is inherently messy, we will do our best to contain it and leave things the way we found them. So before you choose a company because the salesman is convincing or the price is right, make sure you give Weird Science Concrete a chance !

Serving Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice and beyond.

Polished concrete-800 grit polish with no color

Specializing in Concrete Flooring and Coatings